The Mission of the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Chapter at the  Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University is to combine the efforts of students of all majors and interests in a collaborative effort to enhance the living conditions of developing areas worldwide.  Through this effort, students will increase their global perspective, work as a team to design and implement sustainable engineering solutions to improve the basic standard of living for these communities, and gain hands on experience in their fields.

The Vision of the EWB Organization is focused on providing interested students with the opportunity to apply their diverse academic backgrounds in a real-life situation for the benefit of those lacking basic human needs, such as drinking water.  Students in the W&L and VMI club will work together to design and implement sustainable engineering, biological, anthropological and business projects to transform communities into healthier, more productive areas.  This club creates the opportunity to work on campus, but also for a few interested students travel abroad for the implementation of their designs.  There is potential for students from all majors to study the communities to find ways to improve sanitation and create healthier lifestyles for them.  Our goal, as a group, is to create sustainable ways for communities to meet their basic human needs, while the members involved gain enriched global perspectives through the innovative professional education opportunities that the EWB-USA program provides.

The Current Goal of the VMI and W&L chapter is to assist Pampoyo in repairing the irrigation system, build latrines, and improve the potable water system.  Due to Pampoyo relying heavily on farming, the first phase of the project consists of repairing the irrigation.  VMI and W&L are working in parallel with the Lynchburg EWB chapter to accomplish these goals.